A Hybrid Solution for the Hybrid Workforce

Interim & Fractional Executives

Leadership On Demand

Interim management positions are most commonly filled on a short-term yet full-time basis to aid during a company’s time of transition, crisis or change.

Fractional executives offer their professional help to companies on a for-hire basis and have usually held other CxO positions previously.

Project-based executives are similar to that of fractional, but are instead contracted for more specific goals; assisting on a certain project.

Workplace Offerings


This is our virtual workplace solution for executives. We understand that the safety and well-being of each team member is a top priority; as it should be. Which is why here at ExecX, we offer executives and companies alike, the smartest and most ideal option for your business and health needs.


Our hybrid style workplace allows companies who have both a hands-on and passive styled approach to everyday tasks, to meet in-person for a set number of days/hours and virtually for a set number of days/hours.


If your company has a large “hands-on” approach to everyday tasks that requires team members to meet in-person, this is the solution for you. This workplace option is considered the most traditional of the three offerings.

We Deliver A Remote Solution For Fractional Executives

We are the first to provide fractional executives with a full virtual experience. Our solution addresses the most pertinent issues companies and its team members are facing due to the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our biggest priority is and always will be the safety of our executives and the organizations in which they are placed. ExecX gives everyone involved the option of a safer solution which in turn, opens the door to greater benefits for both parties.

ExecX professionals are experts in their fields and purposefully placed so they may blend seamlessly into a company’s lifestyle and culture. Learn more about the benefits of using ExecX and why we are the best option to fit your needs.


Why Us?

Hybrid Workforce

We have reinvented our business model to represent a hybrid style workforce for both virtual and in-person executives. We know that safety is everyone’s top priority, because it’s also our own. That’s why our executives are constantly developing and improving upon their savvy virtual teamwork skills so they may remain a vital member of any organization.

No Geographical Barriers

In our business model, we have eliminated geographical barriers, allowing companies to expand their reach to fill any executive position. The removal of these barriers renders the in-person cost of executives unnecessary.

Blended Teams

A group of executives with varying disciplines and/or differing skillsets contracted by the same organization are what we call blended teams. The endless number of blended team possibilities comes to light when exploring their breadth and depth. Breadth, denoting the wide array of executives all wielding different expertise. And depth, indicating the vast array of skillsets possessed throughout executives with matching expertise.

Flexible Contracting Options

The right talent, for the right price.

Traditional Placement

The Traditional Placement option is based on the most commonly known type of employment model; full-time employment. These contractors will most likely fill interim positions and utilize either our in-person, or hybrid workplace offerings.

Hourly Blocks

Hourly Blocks allows organizations to contract depending on the number of hours  they require assistance. This is a great option to only pay for what you need. You may only need one executive, or you may need five, either way you’re still getting the same one block of time. 


Contracting on a Per-Project basis, gives organizations the opportunity to recieve assistance in a manner similar to that of a consultant. This option is most common among project-based executives taking advantage of either our virtual or hybrid workplace offerings. 

Modular Teams

Our Modular Teams model is based on a menu-like selection of executives. This allows companies to mix and match professionals of all expertise to create and/or complete their team. Executives may also be contracted for a modular team on an hourly block rate.


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